Forming a Team Identity

Forming a Team Identity

Last spring, I used station-rotation blended learning in my English 9 and 10 classes during a literature unit. For this unit, students were assigned to teams based on their most recent reading scores on a district assessment.  Each team read a different novel and participated in lessons to increase their understanding of literary elements.

To help my students actually complete the reading, I adjusted my standard stations that I explained in Teachers vs Zombies Station-Rotation. Instead, I used the following groups:  

  • Teacher: Small group lessons analyzing literary elements in novel and discussions
  • Keyboard: Extra Team: Reading novel in a small group
  • Team: Reading novel in a small group  
  • Headphones: Literary elements interactive video lessons (most were pulled from Compass: The Learning Odyssey)

Since I knew the students would work with their groups for an extended period of time, I decided to incorporate teambuilding exercises into the first few rotations.  The first activity I assigned students was titled Team Identity. During this station, the students were asked to select a team name, team mascot, and a team handshake. I had set aside a bulletin board to showcase work from each group, so I also asked each team to use a sentence strip to create a label for their team’s section.

Teachers vs Zombies Team Identity High-Five

English 10 Team UCSD Titans  

I created the assignment in Google Drive and posted it to Google Classroom, so the students were able to independently access it while I led small groups.  You can access my original assignment here and view it below. Feel free to copy and modify the document to use in your classroom.  

Teachers vs Zombies Team Identity Lesson Plan

I would love to see what you and your students come up with. Please share below, on Twitter (#tvszed, @npriester, and/or @tvszed) or in the Teachers vs Zombies Facebook Group (

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