Teachers vs Zombies Station Rotation – An Introduction

Teachers vs Zombies Station Rotation – An Introduction

When utilizing station-rotation blended learning in my classes, I modify the stations suggested by the Clayton Christensen Institute (see image below).

Station-Rotation Model - Clayton Christensen Institute

In my version of the rotations, I add an additional online instruction station.  At first, this may seem to create more zombies in the classroom, but it actually helps to create a quieter environment that supports two simultaneous small group activities.  Additionally, I use the extra station to incorporate individual lessons.  I teach English, so I often use this station for writing, graphic organizers, and individual reading.  However, I have heard that it can be used for meaningful activities in different subject areas, such as math skills and lab reports.

I call my stations Headphones, Teacher, Team, and Keyboard. These labels remind me to plan two zombieproof stations of face-to-face interactions and two zombie stations of students working at their own pace using Chromebooks.  As a bonus, the students at the Headphones and Keyboard stations can both wear headphones, which keeps the classroom noise at a reasonable level.  Also, when possible, physically place each station in the order shown below. This places the two noisy stations in opposite corners of the room and gives the teacher a direct view of the Team station.     

Teachers vs Zombies Station-Rotation Blended Learning Model

This system helps to support station-rotation blended learning in classrooms of varying size and subject areas. I hope it will be useful in your classroom.

To learn more about suggested activities and tools to support the implementation of these four stations, follow Teachers vs Zombies on this site, Twitter at @tvszed, or Facebook at bit.ly/tvszFB.  Feel free to leave questions or suggestions below.

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